Water bungee jumping in Valencia: Flying beyond your wildest dreams

Water bungee jumping in Valencia: Flying beyond your wildest dreams

I've always wanted to fly and feel free, and now that desire is more intense than ever, so much so that I could only feel it in my dreams. Then I discovered a very safe way to make come true.


Bungee jumping may look like utter madness, reckless, dangerous… and there's a reason for seeing it that way: ignorance. That's why I wanted to get a better idea of what it's all about and find a unique bridge where my dream could come true. I chose Somos Aventura, fascinated by the images of a bridge over water, a place that looked like heaven to the eyes and senses. In Calles, a town just 50 minutes from Valencia, an ancient double arched bridge that passes over two canyons, in surroundings that filled my eyes with every imaginable shade of green and all the colours of nature, inviting you to make that leap.


The professionalism of the Somos Aventura team, very sure of what they do, using a complete harnessing system that protected my entire body, their sympathy and understanding, the constant feeling of safety, knowing that when I fell I wasn't just depending on a rope, but on a lot of careful work, a system of ropes where each one can take more than 2,200 kilos, made me decide to take that leap. The decision was made, falling vertically, sure of the decision I made, until the ropes of the bridge opposite took me up and swung me with a gentleness that was unexpected. I could see my silhouette reflected in the crystal-clear waters of the Turia under my feet, while I swung back and forth like a kid and heard my laughter and shouts of joy that seemed to come from the very depths of me. Laughter full of life, that echoes around the canyon and made me feel fuller of life than ever before.


With the adrenaline pulsing through my veins, and just when the descent was starting to ease up a bit, I felt another jolt of excitement when I saw that my dream was far from over, because suddenly I was canoe-rafting, after unhooking all the kit that let me fly so I could carry on with the adventure… I was paddling away from a jump so perfect that I never could have dreamt it.


Guide took me to another canoe-raft, I took a paddle and control of my life, I felt that the experience was much bigger than the suit I put on every day, paddling towards the bank to go back and fly once again. There's no price for what you feel when you do it, and there's still so much left to do … I can jump with another kind of anchor, from somewhere else on the bridge, with other visions and sensations, so many emotions all rolled into one, it's all too much.


And what's left afterwards? The feeling of a soul full of life and the knowledge of a dream come true.

It doesn't matter what, but where… And with who.