Comunitat Valenciana

Descent along rapid rivers aboard inflatable rafts propelled by oars that can hold several people. Teamwork is very important for this activity, as the action of the oars must be coordinated in order to steer the boat.

Rafting is suitable for all kinds of tourists, and is especially popular for people who are new to sport and thrill seekers, as it is specially designed for groups of friends and families, etc. allowing them to be together for the entire duration of the activity. Rafting can be practiced all year round, always with the proper specific equipment.

The places with the most suitable conditions for non-experts in the Comunitat Valenciana are listed below:

The Cabriel River has the most long, navigable and suitable stretches for the practice of white water sports and is, without a doubt, home to star sections of the Region of Valencia , Las Hoces of the Cabriel River. The characteristics of the environment and its geographical location between Madrid and Valencia make this an ideal place for rafting, canoeing and white water kayaking for fans of the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. This area is home to a number of companies that carry out all kinds of activities related to white water activities. The time of year with the greatest volume of water and therefore the most exciting rapids is from March to October.

Another river where you can go rafting is the Mijares River, in the province of Castellón, next to Montanejos, where you will also find companies that will guide you in your white water adventure.