Comunitat Valenciana

This activity includes a walking route using specific equipment, descending through riverbeds, torrents and ravines, and avoiding natural obstacles by means of different techniques, such as mountaineering and caving. It is an opportunity to discover places that can only be seen from this perspective.

Canyoning is suitable for all types of people provided they are in good physical condition, however there are different degrees of difficulty, making it adaptable to the activity level and level of preparation of each visitor. It can be practiced throughout the year, although the periods of intense rainfall that occur in the Mediterranean should be taken into account as they can cause rapid swelling along the river courses. The Comunitat Valenciana, due to a mountainous orography and a highly developed hydrological system, offers a large number of all kinds of ravines –wet and dry–, for the practice of this sport, keeping in mind that we must be respectful of the environment, as well as with the regulations in force at all times. 

La Federación Valenciana de Espeleología (The Valencian Caving Federation) offers information on canyoning in the Region of Valencia.